What is a Concierge Service?
concierge service

What is a Concierge Service?

Initially, the word concierge derived from the Old French “cumcerges”. Later in the 19th century, French authors referred to the concierge as a contraction of “comte des cierges”/ the keeper of candles, a servant who is maintaining the cleanliness and lighting.

Some concierges help with specific client requests, some deal with the paperwork and real estate, some concierges provide personal travel planning service, while others offer all these services becoming concierge lifestyle managers. Does not matter which sector they approach, there are experts for everyone from busy families to entrepreneurs and high-end personalities.

Therefore, a concierge is an individual or a company which is trained in any assistance services like household and personal shopping, lifestyle management, transportation, education, travel and transportation hiring. They aim to save time by providing high quality and personalized services to its clients.

Hotel Concierge

hotel concierge

The hotel concierge is one of the oldest concierge services, but it is still one of the most demanded ones. Practical and accessible for its clients, hotel concierges recommend different facilities according to your needs. Their goal is to make your hotel stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Consequently, they will get your taxi, plan your daily activities in the city, inform you about events or parties or find the closest gym. They can offer advice about the location and touristic places, as well as sightseeing tour and activities.

Their service can be at your disposal even before you do your check-in. For instance, making a restaurant reservation or buying your museums tickets beforehand is something they will be taking care of. The concierge is your lifesaver, everything you can think of from the moment you choose to book, they will make it happen with a phone call.

Lifestyle Management / Personal Concierge

personal concierge

Lifestyle management is a bespoke personal service where managers take care of their customers’ errands: nightlife, education, wine, personal shopping assistance, real estate, etc. Personal concierge includes every a wide range of options for its clients their clients, which is why it is so appealing.

Some people need more than just to get organized. No time to make those calls, book the specific hotel, or plan the perfect honeymoon? Then you can get an all-inclusive service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their services stand out not just because of their high-quality attendance, also for their treatment with customers and their requirements.

They attend any last-minute requests and make them happen effortlessly. Their motto is providing exceptionally personalized luxurious service to their high-net-worth clients. No request is too small, nor too much for a luxury lifestyle service.

Travel Concierge

travel concierge

The travel concierge knows everything about the social, cultural and legal aspects of travelling. Whether you need their services nationally or internationally, they will be able to satisfy your every need, before and during your stay.

Concierge travel managers work with experts to make your dreamlike holiday come true. There are lots of options for their customers, including daily itinerary planning, securing dining and recreation reservations as well as our on-call assistance during your vacation. Your concierge even though you’re on the way.

The companies providing these services outshine in travel planning and by offering real-time assistance and 24/7 high-end support to their clients.

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