Best Luxury Concierge Services In The World in 2019
Best Luxury Concierge Services In The World in 2019
luxury concierge services

Best Luxury Concierge Services In The World in 2019

The world of luxury concierge services has developed rapidly in the era of technology, smart apps and fast messages. This high-end sector, therefore, took it to the next level and extended their services, converting it into a lifestyle.

Best Luxury concierge services help customers make the best acquisitions according to their requirements, whether you’re hiring a private jet, plan a dreamlike vacation on the other side of the globe or attend to the most exclusive events. They make the impossible possible, providing you with the right assistance whenever you need.

However, as in many other markets, there is stiff competition among the most exclusive concierge services. Each one of them provides similar services, specialized in different areas, but different goals. We will tell you which are the most demanded concierge companies around the globe and what is that they offer and why they might be relevant to you.

London Luxury Concierge

luxury Concierge srvices

London Luxury Concierge is one of the companies with high-quality services, which offer you quality as well as quantity. Do you want to have the service of a 5 star hotel all the time? Then London Luxury is the perfect option. Their expert team is on-hand 24/7 offering services like Personal shopping, real estate, wine, jet and automobile hire. However, they’re excelling in nightlife and private education, providing one of the strongest and reliable network. From getting the best table in the fanciest nightclub in London to attending to one of the utmost  private universities or schools.

With their professionalism and your trust, they can make the impossible, possible. Personalized requests, last-minute table bookings or time-consuming arrangements, they get done everything to the last detail, which makes London Luxury one of the most demanded concierge services in London.

Quintessentially Group

The best-known luxury concierge in the world, Quintessentially has been founded back in 2000, a British company who has reshaped the name of the luxury concierge. Run by Aaron Simpson, Paul Drummond and Ben Elliot, the nephew of the Duchess of Cornwall. Between 2002 and 2005, Quintessentially expanded from only two offices in the United Kingdom to over sixty offices in cities such as New York, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles and Dubai.

 The group include travel, events and gifts for their private members. Their services it is about the network behind the member assistant. Searching for a last-minute yacht, throwing a party where Beyoncé is performing, no request is too much for them

Knightsbridge Circle


Most exclusive clientele and service can be found at Knightsbridge Circle. Set up by three former American Express Black Card employees, it is worldwide known for their refined and exclusive requests. Do you want to have breakfast at Tiffany’s, lunch in Rome and end your day with a private dinner in front of Eiffel Tower?  With Knightsbridge, everything is possible.

They have a private list, which is why it is not easy to get accepted. They know and provide everything to how to anticipate their clients’ needs: proving the luxurious accommodation in no time and granting the most desirable wishes in a blink of an eye.

One Concierge

one concierge

One Concierge is known to be handling luxury concierge requests in more than one hundred countries around the world. One Concierge is one of the first lifestyle concierge company to offer both membership and on-demand concierge services to its private members.

With over 10 000 worldwide, the company is continuously growing and extending its boundaries. As one of the leaders in the concierge industry, concierge specialists not only will provide your VIP access to any place and at any time but will ensure that they meet the most demanding expectations.

Pure Entertainment Group

Pure Entertainment Group is a luxury concierge company that was founded in 2007. It offers high quality tailored services as well as a personal concierge for their private members and corporations all around the world.

You can be a member by-invitation-only, as they work with the most respected network of elite travel professionals. It is an association which comprises of over 300 agencies with more than 6,000 travel connoisseurs. Their one-of-a-kind clients are enjoying the finest exclusive amenities, exceptional experiences and  privileged access, from personal shopping to wildest explorations, vacation fantasies, making them a reality.

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